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To view card balance and activity you have to activate/register your card.

Frequently asked Questions


how do i update my customer information

Easy login to your account and then select the PROFILE button at the top.  You need to have an active account for this to work. 

What if my caRd balance is not correct

Visit the store in person and speak to a manager.  To check your balance CLICK HERE

i lost my card 

Go to the business that issued your card. Terms and conditions may apply to being issued a new card.

how do i reset my password

Select the LOST PASSWORD link on the Check your balance page and then choose Mobile or email to reset your password. and follow the instructions

can i check my balance on my phone

Yes!  Simply open a new text message on your phone and text: BAL to 55678 (mini phone number), OR 10 digit long code on the back of your card, or Click HERE.

the business is closed 

Sorry to hear that any balance or funds on your card may be lost. Call the business or check their web site for any updates or information.  We're not responsible for card balances.

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complete the support form below and a customer service representative will directly respond, usually within 1 business day.

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